RV Hydronic Heater Repair


AHE-525-D01 and D02


This model may also be known as:



This model of Aqua-Hot uses the special Camco -100 Boiler coolant.




This is New Model


  This is the first model in the 525-D series

         this is "Low Emissions" model


  • Low emissions model
  • NO RADIATOR cap - Zero pressure system
  • Has drain valve on short length of heater hose
  • Mixing valve is in different location (inside compartment to the right top of Webasto)
  • Fuel connections are on the top of unit, above pumps
  • Engine preheat connections are on top of unit
  • Has case interlock switch that will not allow burner to run until switch is depressed
  • High limit thermostats are now set to trip at 215°
  • Fuel lines are solid metal (no rubber hoses)
  • Aqua-Hot is installed in a 'tray' that is installed first.  Aqua-Hot is then mounted in coach using this tray.
  • Has white fiber gasket installed between combustion chamber (that is bolted in) and Aqua-Hot.


Part Notes

Beckett parts are here:  Parts - RV Hydronic Heater Repair - Beckett


  • Control Thermostat -   ELE-014-010
  • Electric high limit thermostat - ELE-000-616-FRU
  • Control Board -  ELE-PC4-010
  • Electric relay(s) - ELE-630-001
  • Zone and engine preheat pumps (are no longer available).  Pump upgrade kit, here: PLE-100-905-FRU
  • Gasket that goes between the combustion chamber and the Aqua-Hot   HDE-700-205
  • Gasket that goes between Beckett burner and combustion chamber   HDE-700-200
  • This model uses the special GRAS (generally recognized as safe), Camco -100 Boiler coolant.



Routine service parts and kits - Routine Service Parts      Scroll down page for filter and nozzle packages.  You should have the fiber gasket on hand in case you take the combustion chamber out.  HDE-700-205  You should also have gasket that goes between Beckett burner and combustion chamber, here:  HDE-700-200


Routine service note:  The Aqua-Hot service directions clearly state that the combustion chamber should be removed each time unit is serviced.  Most of the service people that I know remove the air swirler.  They Inspect the inside of combustion chamber with flashlight.  If there is very minimal carbon built up (which they find in most instances), they do not remove the combustion chamber.



Common Problems


   There is Webasto Burner Upgrade for Beckett Burner Systems

Service Manual


On Aqua-Hot website   AHE-525-D02