RV Hydronic Heater Repair

Controller Box Core


Controller Box - Webasto 12-Volt - WPX-287-962 - For Core

I will purchase your working or non-working controller box

I will pay you:


  $25.00 Cash

       - or -

  $50.00 Online Parts store credit

        - or -

  One of the filter + nozzle packages as shown below

When you are ready, fill out form here: 

Controller Box Return Authorization



Controller box core must not have been opened or damaged and must be rebuildable.

Controller box should be shipped to address given in return authorization.

Store credit valid for 6-months from date core received.



The black Speros controller boxes are not rebuildable and do not qualify for this offer.


One FLE-120-100 Garber-R or General G fuel filter




two WPX-886-41A nozzles

One FLX-R12-TRA - Racor fuel filter




one WPX-886-41A nozzle



Two WPX-603-359 fuel filters
two WPX-886-41A nozzles